Carroll, N. Snyder, E. Stevens

Introduction to organic chemistry including nomenclature, structure and properties of organic and bioorganic molecules, spectroscopic analysis, and reactions of carboxylic acid and carbonyl derivatives. Laboratory introduces students to basic experimental techniques.

Satisfies Natural Science requirement.

Chemistry 115. One laboratory meeting per week. (Fall and Spring)

Fall 2020-

Sections C & D-

This course is designed for both fully online and hybrid participation.  Any student may easily change their mode of participation at any time. Content will be initially shared with all students using interactive videos, readings, and study guides created by the professor specifically for this course.  The core of organic chemistry is asking questions and solving problems, and during synchronous class times (or alternate times as determined by time zones), students will meet in online or hybrid learning communities that will each work on the same problems and interactive activities.   The professor and class ATs will alternate mentorship of the online and hybrid learning communities. The lab is also designed with new activities and experiments to specifically enable either fully online or hybrid participation.  Group office hours, weekly review sessions, and group and individual appointments with the professor will be additional ways in which we engage as a community, regardless of mode of participation.  Please contact Prof. Key with any questions.

Class Details
Course CHE 250
Section A
CRN 20086
Time R
Time 0815 - 1055am
Building 310 WALL
Instructor Ariela Kaspi-Kaneti
Max 16
Current 0
Remaining 16
Semester Spring 2022