Blauch, Hauser

Advanced topics in analytical chemistry related to instructor's areas of interest and expertise.

In this course (Spring 2022), we will explore Wicked Questions in Environmental Chemistry with a focus on the Analytical Techniques that are developed and employed to study them. Upon completion of this course, students will have demonstrated competence in: (a) identifying the complexity of wicked questions in environmental chemistry, (b) understanding the operating principles of a variety of cutting edge analytical techniques including long range spectroscopic methods, electrochemical sensors, nanomaterial and surface methods, chromatography and mass spectrometry, (c) finding, reading, discussing and presenting primary literature for cutting edge analytical techniques, and (d) communicating science to a variety of audiences in both written and oral form. 

Satisfies a major requirement in Chemistry.
Satisifes Environmental Studies major requirement.

CHE 220, 320, 321, 325 or by permission of the instructor. No laboratory.

Class Details
Course CHE 420
Section 0
CRN 20566
Time M W
Time 0200 - 0335pm
Building 281 WALL
Instructor Cindy Hauser
Max 12
Current 0
Remaining 12
Semester Spring 2022