This course will build on students' understanding of statistics and basic econometrics to develop further the empirical model building skills they have acquired previously. The course will provide an overview of classical and modern approaches to forecasting in business, economics, and finance. Topics include regression analysis, exponential smoothing and filtering, ARIMA models, modeling and forecasting trend and seasonality, evaluating and combining forecasts. Students will also write forecast reports and deliver oral presentations of their forecasts to classmates as well as learn how to critique constructively others' reports and presentations.

Satisfies Applied Mathematics minor requirement.

Satisfies the Mathematical and Quantitative Thought requirement

Prerequisite: ECO 105

Class Details
Course ECO 385
Section 0
CRN 20173
Time M W
Time 1200 - 1250pm
Building 1045 CHAM
Instructor Jaya Jha
Max 30
Current 0
Remaining 30
Semester Spring 2022