Group Investigations in the Environmental Humanities provide students with specialized training in various research methodologies relevant to the environmental humanities.

Satisfies the depth or breadth requirement in the Humanities track of the Environmental Studies major.
Counts as an additional course in the environmental humanities in the Environmental Studies interdisciplinary minor.

TOPIC - Environmental Justice Art
Instructor - Garcia Peacock

Description: The field of Critical Environmental Justice Studies has emerged in recent years to thoroughly interrogate the ways that ability, class, gender, race, and sexuality shape environmental experience globally. Increasingly interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary, Critical EJ Studies aims to build on earlier Environmental Justice foundations to offer a dynamic analysis of the biological and climate crises underway in the twenty-first century. In this course, students will explore the visual archive of Critical EJ Studies, looking back over time and place to understand how art and activism have been utilized to offer alternative histories and possibilities to these issues. Students will have the opportunity to conduct original archival research in this course, centered on their self-designed research project.


ENV 203 or permission of the instructor

Class Details
Course ENV 385
Section 0
CRN 20226
Time M W F
Time 1200 - 1250pm
Building 307 WALL
Instructor Jennifer Garcia Peacock
Max 6
Current 0
Remaining 6
Semester Spring 2022