Through a transhistorical study of a various styles and forms, this lecture/discussion class examines a variety of issues around gender and sexuality illuminated in the staging, performance, and practice of dance. Understanding dance as a focused site for conceptualizing how bodies make meaning, this course explores the social and historical configuration of dancing bodies and dance's capacity to form and transform social identities. Course work includes readings, performance viewings, presentations, and written assignments.

Satisfies a requirement in the Gender & Sexuality Studies major and minor.
Satisfies the Justice, Equality, and Community requirement.
Satisfies the Visual and Performing Arts requirement


Class Details
Course DAN 282
Section 0
CRN 20144
Time T R
Time 0950 - 1105am
Building 2130 CHAM
Instructor Dasha Chapman
Max 30
Current 0
Remaining 30
Semester Spring 2022