The influence of Lucretius' de Rerum Natura, an epic in six books celebrating Epicurean philosophy in poetry of spectacular beauty, cannot be overstated. His poetry imbued the verse of the Augustan poets, especially Virgil and Horace; there is nothing else like it in Latin.  In addition to extensive excerpts, we will read the entire poem in translation, and consider the poem both in its contemporary context and its afterlife.   

Satisfies Literary Studies, Creative Writing, and Rhetoric requirement.
Counts towards the Classical Languages and Literature major and as an elective for the Classical Studies major.
Counts towards the interdisciplinary minor in Global Literary Theory.

LAT 201 or placement test. Students who have taken a LAT course beyond 201 should enroll in this course as LAT 334. (Spring)

Class Details
Course LAT 234
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CRN 20295
Time M W F
Time 0220 - 0310pm
Instructor Jeanne Neumann
Max 10
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Semester Spring 2022