This course examines literary and iconographic representations of love and death during the Iberian Middle Ages, with special emphasis on the 15th century sentimental novel. Within the artistic tradition of the cults of love and death that characterize the Iberian Middle Ages, this course reflects upon the ways in which authors and artists created a distinctive tradition depicting the attitudes towards love and death that have ultimately shaped the modern Hispanic collective imaginary of these concepts. Interdisciplinary theoretical approaches. Conducted in Spanish.

Satisfies Area I for the major in Hispanic Studies.
Satisfies a requirement in the Global Literary Theory interdisciplinary minor.
Satisfies the Pre 1800 requirement

Spanish 260 and 271 or their equivalents.

Class Details
Course SPA 354
Section 0
CRN 20535
Time T R
Time 0950 - 1105am
Building 2198 CHAM
Instructor Samuel Sanchez-Sanchez
Max 20
Current 0
Remaining 20
Semester Spring 2022