During March each year students apply to take part in this course and thus the role of Humanities Fellow for the following year (either fall or spring semester). Those selected must take this required course for students serving as Humanities Fellows. This course meets with HUM 103-104 as well as during the open course period not used by HUM 103-104. In 2019-20, HUM 103-104 meets TR9:40-10:55 + R3:05-4:20. Thus HUM 195-196 meets those three 75-minute class sessions as well as T3:05-4:20. The seminar follows the syllabus for HUM 103-104, with weekly written assignments due every Sunday on the teaching team blog (for faculty, librarians and archivists integrated into the course, and fellows), to be discussed on Tuesday. Materials include all the HUM 103-104 materials as well as some additional readings and viewings. See the HUM 103-104 syllabus for readings, timeline of topics, etc. Final essay due at the end of exam period.

HUM 195 parallels material in HUM 103 (Fall); HUM 196 parallels material in HUM 104 (Spring).


Class Details
Course HUM 196
Section 0
CRN 20530
Time T
Time 0245 - 0400pm
Building 1015 CHAM
Instructor Patricio Boyer
Max 12
Current 0
Remaining 12
Semester Spring 2022