Anthropological perspectives on human rights agendas in Latin America. Case studies examine the tension between universal and culturally relative conceptions of human rights in relation to issues such as state violence, violence directed toward minorities, and social justice movements.

Satisfies a major & minor requirement in Anthropology.
Satisfies a requirement in the Africana Studies major (Geographic Region: Latin America/Caribbean).
Satisfies major & minor elective credit in Latin American Studies.
Satisfies the Social-Scientific Thought requirement.
Satisfies the Justice, Equality, and Community requirement.

(Fall; offered in alternating years.)

Class Details
Course ANT 323
Section 0
CRN 10011
Time M W
Time 0220 - 0335pm
Building 3106 CHAM
Instructor Matt Samson
Max 15
Current 0
Remaining 15
Semester Fall 2021