In recent years, indigenous movements have transformed national political landscapes throughout Latin America. They have challenged the position of indigenous peoples within the nation and within long-held ideologies of national identity based on race-mixing (mestizaje); reconfigured ideologies of citizenship and belonging; and upended longstanding hierarchies of inclusion and marginalization. In doing so, these movements have also produced shifting conceptions of what it means to be indigenous. This course will explore these changing conceptions of indigeneity and nationhood, alongside political projects that call for alternatives to national frameworks, including indigenous autonomies and cosmopolitical entanglements.

Satisfies a Latin American Studies major and minor requirement.
Satisfies the Social-Scientific Thought requirement.
Satisfies the Cultural Diversity requirement. 


Class Details
Course LAS 321
Section 0
CRN 20590
Time M W
Time 0230 - 0345pm
Building 106 WALL
Instructor Chuck Sturtevant
Max 15
Current 2
Remaining 13
Semester Spring 2020