El Bejjani, Hales, Sarafova, Whitson

Integration of molecular and classical genetics, including the physical nature of genetic material, the many levels of gene and genome regulation, transmission of genetic information and patterns of inheritance, gene mapping/identification via traditional and modern methods, and genetic engineering in many contexts.

BIO 111/113 is required. BIO 112/114, CHE 115, and/or CHE 250 is recommended. One laboratory meeting per week. Satisfies Group A.

Fall 2020-

Lecture Format: Hybrid. This course combines synchronous in-person classroom meetings with asynchronous online learning.

Laboratory Format: Flex. The laboratory portion of this course can be completed entirely remotely but you are also able to come to the lab at the scheduled time so that you can ask questions and receive guidance as you work through the assigned projects.

Class Details
Course BIO 201
Section B
CRN 60063
Time R
Time 0110 - 0400pm
Building 328 WALL
Instructor Rachid El Bejjani
Max 16
Current 16
Remaining 0
Semester Spring 2021