Bastani, S., Belloni, M., Kuchera, A.

Electricity and magnetism, circuits, optics, and modern physics (special relativity, quantum mechanics, atomic and nuclear physics). More comprehensive than Physics 225 and designed for students who intend to major in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and/or plan to pursue a degree in engineering. Class meets 6 hours per week (2-hour block, three times per week) in a combined lecture/laboratory setting with time distributed equally between course material and laboratory exercises (3 hours lecture/3 hours laboratory).


Satisfies a major requirement for Physics
Satisfies a major requirement for Chemistry
Satisfies a minor requirement for Astrophysics
Satisfies a minor requirement for Applied Physics

Prerequisites: PHY 125 or PHY 130 or permission of the instructor.

Class Details
Course PHY 235
Section 0
CRN 20355
Time M W F
Time 1050 - 1250pm
Building 220 DANA
Instructor Solmaz Bastani
Max 24
Current 0
Remaining 24
Semester Spring 2022