The United States is constantly stalled in a never-ending debate over the role of governments in schools, colleges, and universities. This course will explore that debate by examining the political dimensions of the major educational issues of our time including, but not limited to, the school choice movement, gun violence in schools, sexual assault on university campuses, school desegregation, and policies related to college affordability. The course will draw on methodologies from political science and economics and will focus on power dynamics and political action in education and society. In addition to traditional writing assignments and assessments, students will produce a white paper for a state or local legislator, non-profit organization, or other policy-related client on an educational policy issue of interest.


Class Details
Course EDU 300
Section 0
CRN 20183
Time W
Time 0110 - 0400pm
Building 2234 CHAM
Instructor Brittany Murray
Max 20
Current 0
Remaining 20
Semester Spring 2022