Science has experimentation and quantification at its foundation. This course will focus on the interdependency between methodology and measurement in Psychology with an emphasis on using human-machine interfaces (e.g., virtual reality, digital interaction, social media, computational modeling, eye/body movement tracking) to enhance accuracy, replicability, and explanation. We will survey a range of research designs using a behavioral dynamics framework to answer student-driven questions about human experience. We will explore these topics via readings, discussion groups, peer-led teaching, and by conducting, reviewing, and presenting an original research project. This course will be completed as part of a small team. Students are required to have taken PSY 101 and a statistics course in any department or have the permission of the instructor.

Satisfies Psychology major requirement.


Class Details
Course PSY 313
Section C
CRN 20395
Time T
Time 1135 - 1250pm
Building B45 WALL
Instructor Brian Eiler
Max 4
Current 0
Remaining 4
Semester Spring 2022