Eiler, Flaherty, Good

This course will further develop students' quantitative skills, with a specific focus on formalism (i.e., the explicit link between measurement, mathematics, and real-world phenomena) in the behavioral sciences, particularly psychology and neuroscience, as well as interdisciplinary research across the social sciences. This course will prepare students to consume, create, and critique quantitative knowledge. Course content will address: 1) theoretical & conceptual mathematics necessary for research in behavioral sciences, 2) analysis and interpretation of data in behavioral sciences, and 3) computer-aided computation. Descriptive, correlational, and experimental methods of research will be examined. Primary focus will be on data analysis (including descriptive and inferential statistics, and basic modeling), interpretation, and communication of quantitative analysis (in written and visual form). 

Satisfies Psychology major requirement.
Satisfies Mathematical and Quantitative Thought requirement.

PSY 200

Class Details
Course PSY 300
Section 0
CRN 20387
Time M W F
Time 1050 - 1140am
Building 380 WALL
Instructor Brian Eiler
Max 24
Current 0
Remaining 24
Semester Spring 2022