In this course we devote the entire semester to Tolstoy's masterpiece, War & Peace, alongside selected critical and theoretical readings. We consider everything from genre and historiography to the text's surprising relevance in our current era of global upheaval and populism. War & Peace is frequently deemed the greatest novel ever written, yet its sheer size can be intimidating. Students find that tackling the novel for a class, alongside their peers, is the best way to keep up with the reading, while also getting the most from this incredibly rich text. After immersing yourself in War & Peace this semester, you will find that it stays with you throughout your life. No small promises, to be sure, but War & Peace delivers.


Satisfies the Cultural Diversity requirement.
Satisfies the Literary Studies, Creative Writing, and Rhetoric requirement.
Satisfies a requirement for the Russian minor.
Satisfies a requirement for the major in Russian Studies.
Satisfies a requirement for the major in Russian Language & Literature.
Satisfies an ENG seminar requirement.


No knowledge of Russian required or expected.
Course is repeatable for credit given different topic/title.

Class Details
Course RUS 420
Section 0
CRN 20432
Time M
Time 0110 - 0400pm
Building 157 WATSON
Instructor Amanda Ewington
Max 20
Current 0
Remaining 20
Semester Spring 2022