Bory, Denham, Ewington, Munger, Quillen, Robb, Tamura, Wills

A team-taught interdisciplinary course that engages critically key texts and artifacts from both the Western tradition and beyond, with topics that fall under the broad theme of revolution, from intellectual, spiritual, and artistic traditions from around the globe.  Attention to historical contexts, critical theoretical approaches, and comparative synthesis.  Introduces habits of humanistic learning as well as basic skills needed to understand a variety of humanistic discourses including written works, musical compositions, paintings and sculptures, live performances, architecture, and film and digital media.

2 credits

The course has required Study Trips:

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Class Details
Course HUM 103
Section 0
CRN 10416
Time R
Time 0305 - 0420pm
Instructor Scott Denham
Max 70
Current 70
Remaining 0
Semester Fall 2019