Transitions the focus of student learning from being trained, mentored, and evaluated as an MSIII Cadet to learning how to train, mentor, and evaluate underclass Cadets.  MSIV Cadets learn the duties and responsibilities of an Army staff officer and apply the military decision-making process, Army writing style, Army's training management, and mission essential task list (METL) processes during weekly training meetings to plan, execute, and assess battalion training events.  Cadets learn to safely conduct training by understanding and employing the composite risk management process.  Cadets learn how to use the comprehensive soldier fitness (CSF) program to reduce and manage stress.  Includes instruction in code of conduct, rules of engagement, counseling, and evaluations.

MIL 301 and 302. MIL 401 is currently only offered at UNC-Charlotte.  Participation in leadership lab is required.  Mandatory for all senior ROTC students. (Fall) 



Class Details
Course MIL 401
Section 0
CRN 20541
Time TBA
Instructor Silver Perez
Max 10
Current 0
Remaining 10
Semester Spring 2022