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Dionnia Brown

Dionnia Lee advising a studentAdmission and Financial Aid Counselor

Why did you apply to be an adviser?
I enjoy building relationships with the awesome students we accept into Davidson! Having an opportunity to get to know and understand what the students are truly passionate about and understanding how they want to make a difference in the world is an excellent way for me to do what I enjoy doing, being a support to students. Because they are receiving a liberal arts education, they are exposed to a plethora of resources that will help them realize their career ambitions. And having an adviser along the way is a great way for students to conceptualize those goals and begin to take the necessary steps toward reaching them. I am excited to be a part of that process.

How have your personal and professional experiences prepared you for your role as an adviser?
Professionally, I have had the opportunity to meet with students during travels to high schools, college fairs, financial aid nights, and on-campus Information sessions and open houses. During that time, I truly enjoyed getting to know the students and their parents and developing a feel for what drives them. It is great to know that these students are excited to be at Davison and worked very hard in high school to be accepted... parents included in that effort! Understanding that journey has certainly equipped me with the ability to identify the determination, ambition and enthusiasm required to be successful here at Davidson.

What was your favorite campus event last year, and why?
Being in Admission and Financial Aid, of course I would have to say Decision Davidson is my favorite campus event, because the prospective students have an opportunity to do so much on campus prior to making their decision on becoming a member of the Davidson family! They are introduced to professors, student organizations and financial aid. They inquire about their potential majors and explore the Davidson residential community. Having a glimpse of what they can look forward to is a thrilling time for the student as well as the parents.

Tell us about a mentor/someone who was important to your success when you were a student.
I recall my high school guidance counselor being very influential in my high school and even college journey. She was someone who helped guide me and answer the questions that I simply could not. She was able to see my potential and encourage me to go on and make positive changes that would help me to have a successful future. For that, I will forever be grateful. She has certainly been an asset to me and my parents, who also had concerns about my college experience. I certainly see the value in having someone available to take a more holistic look into a student's academic journey and to provide the guidance necessary to help students accomplish their goals.

What advice would you give yourself as a college first-year student?
I would tell myself as a college first-year to be more persistent. Every ounce of effort is certainly worth the success in the end, even and especially when we don't see immediate results of our efforts. There are a lot of distractions in the world today, many more now than when I was a college first-year. I think one challenge college first-year students face today is remaining focused, driven and dogged about what it is they want to do. No matter how minor or major the goal is, remaining persistent is certainly key in your academic success, be it in undergraduate or graduate school.