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Why Recruit at Davidson

Find out why hundreds of companies and organizations have decided to include Davidson College in recruiting interns and recent graduates.

Tenacious Work Ethic

Our students understand that a work day doesn't end until all tasks are not only complete, but also top quality. Davidson students have been taught in small classrooms by demanding faculty who help students develop their writing and communication skills and hold them accountable for the highest level of work possible. 

Academic Excellence

Davidson faculty members provide our students with a strong educational foundation and then encourage them to push the intellectual boundaries of their fields. Students gain extensive practice in critical analysis by working creatively and independently through problems in class and then transferring these processes to their careers.

Communication skills are developed through extensive writing across the curriculum in every major, while small, group discussions encourage the ability to form and consider clear, concise arguments.  

Quantitative and research skills form the cornerstone of many of our majors and programs. Business preparations are bolstered through coursework in econometrics, accounting, international finance, computational economics, statistical methodology and analysis, and a complete range of mathematics offerings.

Our students excel in the sciences with the ability to do thorough independent research in ways that are often reserved for graduate work. Humanities courses also provide students with opportunities for in-depth research, especially for majors who choose to complete a thesis.

The result is graduates with extensive practice in critical analysis who can understand issues ranging from business challenges to scientific research problems to theoretical debates.

Strong Character

Due to the Davidson Honor Code, our students learn how to build and interact in a community of trust and social responsibility. They hold themselves and their peers accountable in all academic matters on campus, and those ethical standards shape their lives outside of the classroom and beyond graduation. Davidson graduates bring this experience into the workplace where it shapes their interactions towards peers and leaders alike.  

Diverse Graduates with a Global Perspective

The Davidson Trust has increased diversity by opening up possibilities to wider groups of students to attend Davidson. Through the program, our incoming classes have been increasingly diverse, and we are producing graduates who are better equipped to excel in a multicultural and international world. Our Dean Rusk International Studies Program serves more than 65 percent of our students who study abroad for up to a year while also supporting a growing international student population.  

Why hire Davidson students? Learn more about what makes our graduates uniquely qualified to make a difference as a new employee, in general or in the business world.  

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