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Churchill Scholarship

The Scholarship

The Churchill Scholarships offer American students of exceptional ability and outstanding achievement the opportunity to pursue one year of graduate study in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics at the University of Cambridge. The Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States pays all tuition and fees directly to the University of Cambridge and to Churchill College.

The Award

At least fourteen Churchill Scholarships, tenable for nine or twelve months, depending on the academic program, are offered annually. The Churchill Scholarship is worth between $45,000 and $60,000, depending on the exchange rate. It covers all University and College tuition and fees (currently about $26,000). In addition, students receive a living allowance of £11,000 if enrolled in a nine-month academic program and £12,000 if enrolled in a ten month or £13,000 for a full-year academic program. They also receive an allowance of up to $1,100 for travel to and from the United Kingdom, as well as reimbursement of applications fees for a UK visa (currently up to $477).

In addition, the Foundation now offers a Travel Award of $500 to enable Churchill Scholars to take better advantage of opportunities to travel in the United Kingdom, on the Continent. The Foundation also offers the possibility of a Special Research Grant of up to $2,000; this grant may cover travel for presentations at international conferences, short stays at another university or institute for special research, and other activities. A spousal allowance for married students is made in accordance with the guidelines of the University of Cambridge and is currently £6,468; the couple is responsible for a spouse's airfare and visa expenses.

Who Should Apply

To apply for a Churchill Scholarship one must be a citizen of the United States and a student enrolled in one of the institutions of higher education participating in the Scholarship competition. To receive a Churchill Scholarship one must be between the ages of 19 and 26, must hold a bachelor's degree, or its equivalent, from a college or university in the United States, and may not yet have earned a doctorate. Davidson may nominate two students, whose applications have been reviewed and approved by a local fellowships committee.


Deadlines are early in fall of the senior year. Students should be in touch with Gaylena Merritt ( in September of senior year at the latest. The Foundation's website has complete information about the Churchill Scholarship Program.

Learn More

For additional resources, contact the Fellowships and Scholarships Program, Center for Career Development at or schedule an appointment through Handshake (login required). Also, visit the official Churchill Scholarship website.