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International Students

Summer & Post-Graduate Employment

Beginning in your first year, there are many things you can do to help you succeed in getting a job after graduation. Take advantage of Career Development advisers, programs, resources, and employer and alumni contacts. Also, spend summers interning either at home or in the U.S., and get involved in leadership positions on campus.

Step 1: Meet with Your Davidson Contacts

Meet frequently with staff members who will provide you with resources and guide you through the hiring process for internships and post-graduate jobs.

Career Advisers in the Center for Career Development will work with you to create an individualized plan, locate employers, and succeed in the application and interviewing phase of your internship or job search. Schedule a meeting via Appointlet.

An International Student Advisor will help you to understand student work visas. Set up a meeting by email or phone, or visit the Dean Rusk International Studies Program Office.

Step 2: Student Work Visa Process

Be prepared to educate employers on the hiring process for international students and to answer questions about your visa status. Familiarize yourself with work visas, and contact the International Student Advisor with questions or for more details.

Step 3: Research Employers

As you search for internships and jobs, be sure to take advantage of alumni contacts as well as other Career Development resources. Thousands of organizations hire international students and alumni, while there are also some American companies, organizations, and government agencies that hire only U.S. citizens. Read job descriptions and the 'careers' sections of employers' websites closely before applying. Here are a few resources with which to start:

  • Find employers that hire international employees and alumni. Search for employers by industry or location who have sponsored H-1B visas (Located in the 'Search Visa Solution' section).
  • Helps educate, support and professionally guide International workers and students from all over the World, or in the USA, to obtain US work visa employment and sponsorship
  • The Interview and Handling the Visa Question: Read great advice from NYU's Career Development Center.