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Expense Reimbursement Information

To help Davidson students take part in the Job Shadowing Externship Program, the Center for Career Development is making funds available to help offset travel and accommodation expenses. Eligible expenses can only include transportation and housing. The minimum required to apply for funding is $50 in expected costs. Expense reimbursements may range from $50-$200, depending on the distance being traveled and necessity for an overnight stay.

How it Works

In order to receive funding for the Job Shadowing Program, students must:

  • Apply to shadowing experiences on Handshake between March 5 and March 18
  • Be selected for a shadowing experience and carry through as a participant in the program
  • Complete the online form between April 2 - April 6. Remember that the maximum amount you may receive is $200.
  • You will be notified of funding April 9, and will receive a direct deposit prior to shadowing.
  • Upon return to campus in August, receipts and unused funds must be submitted to the Center for Career Development

Approved Expenses

Only approved expenses for transportation and housing will be reimbursed. This includes gas, car rentals, train and plane tickets, and hotels. Food is not covered. Gifts to friends and family from host students are generally not required and are not considered reimbursable.

Selection Process

Though we will make every effort to help each student who applies, should we be forced to choose among eligible students, priority will be given to students as follows:

  • with demonstrated financial need
  • who are offered multiple experiences through the shadowing program
  • with the greatest anticipated expenses to participate

Receiving Your Reimbursement

Students will be notified of the maximum amount they may be reimbursed and have two options for receiving the funds:

  1. Prior to the shadowing experience, the approved amount can be directly deposited into your personal bank account. If you do not currently have direct deposit with Davidson College, we will send you instructions for setting it up. Upon return to campus in August, receipts and unused funds must be submitted to the Center for Career Development.
  2. After participation in the experience, students may submit proof of expenses in the form of original receipts and will be reimbursed for the amount spent or the maximum reimbursement allotted (the lesser of the two).

Tax and Financial Aid Implications

Grants will be categorized as Non-Qualified Scholarships. For domestic students, the college will not withhold taxes on the grants or report them on a Form-1099. Recipients are responsible for reporting the income on their individual taxes or their parents/guardians if they are considered a dependent. Students receiving financial aid will be required to report the grant as income on their aid application for the subsequent year.

International Students: These funds may be subject to taxes. Please note that we will not be able to cover the tax so it should not be included in your estimated cost when you apply for reimbursement.

Contact Information

If you have questions, contact