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LinkedIn functions similarly to social networking sites but serves as a valuable networking platform by building your professional network and connecting you to people and businesses. Join the over 12,000 Davidson alumni and students using LinkedIn.

Getting Started with LinkedIn

Build Your Profile and Connect: LinkedIn has created useful videos and tip sheets for students to guide you in the development and use of your LinkedIn account. Build your profile and start connecting with alumni and other professionals.

Sample LinkedIn Profile: Check out Zoe Wildcat, the Center for Career Development's sample LinkedIn profile for students.

Internships and Jobs: In addition to networking contacts, hundreds of thousands of internships and jobs for students and recent graduates can be found on LinkedIn.

Locate More Than 12,000 Alumni & Students on LinkedIn

  • From your profile click on "Connections" > "Find Alumni" for the Davidson database.
  • Set the years attended range to the class years you wish to search.
  • Search by location, employer, career field, major, skill set, or run a keyword search.
  • Follow-up with alumni contacts through email outside of LinkedIn or follow the invitation to connect instructions below.

Invite Alumni To Connect

When you "Connect" with an individual on LinkedIn you will be given the opportunity to indicate your relationship to that person and write a short invitation. Your invitation will be brief and should explain who you are and why you want to connect.

  • Select how you know the person. Students connecting with alumni should use the "Classmate" option.
  • Do not use the generic "I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn" message when connecting with individuals on LinkedIn. Instead, write a brief personal message that conveys who you are and why a connection to that individual is important.

An example of an invitation to connect message:
Dear Mr. Flora:
I am a Davidson College junior exploring a career in law and would appreciate your advice on locating summer internships at law firms. I hope we can connect and have a follow-up conversation at your convenience. Thank you for your time.
Jacob Ellison '17

Davidson College LinkedIn Groups

Davidson's main LinkedIn group is the 6,000+ strong Davidson College Network, which is a networking resource for alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of Davidson College. Once you are a group member you can send 15 messages per month through LinkedIn to other members of any LinkedIn group.  Click on the " 6,XXX Members" link on the top, right of the page to begin. 

Recommended Davidson LinkedIn Groups:

Davidson College Network
Davidson College Legal Professional Network
Davidson College Entrepreneurship Initiative
Davidson Network for Journalism, Media and Communications
Davidson International Network
Davidson Finance Network
Davidson College Real Estate Network
Davidson College Tech Network
Davidson College Sustainability
Davidson Public Health Professionals
Davidson Sports Management and Marketing Network
ACE: Alumni of Color Engagement at Davidson College
Washington DC Area Davidson College Alumni

Writing an Effective Discussion Post

Once you have joined the Davidson College Network you will be able to post a "discussion" message which will be viewed by many of the members of the group. Posting a discussion is an effective way of reaching a large audience of alumni who can provide advice and potentially offer leads on internships or jobs. The posting should be short and clearly state what type of advice you are seeking from the group.

An example of a posting:
Davidson Community: I am a junior exploring a career in law and would appreciate any advice on obtaining a summer internship at a law firm or legal clinic in New York City. Please send me a message if you can help and thank you in advance for your time.