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Welding, Cutting & Brazing

Follow these guidelines to help create a safe environment in which to operate:

  • Welding and cutting operations require that approved Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) be worn, including eye protection, welding shields and gloves.
  • Acetylene and oxygen tanks shall be securely fastened to a dolly or stand to prevent falling. Acetylene tanks shall only be used while in an upright position.
  • Welding and cutting operations shall be performed only by authorized personnel under proper supervision.
  • Proper fire extinguishers shall be immediately available. Localized ventilation shall be used when necessary.
  • Always use soapy water instead of matches to check for leaks in hoses, fittings, and valves in welding equipment.
  • Proper eye protection shall be worn when observing welding or cutting operations, also when chipping slag.
  • Used drums, barrels, tanks and other containers should be thoroughly cleaned of substances that could explore, ignite, or produce toxic vapors before hot work begins.
  • Material that has been recently welded should be marked "Hot" to avoid burns.
  • Oxygen/acetylene torch units shall be lit with proper ignition equipment and not with matches or cigarettes.
  • "Red" should be used to identify the acetylene (and other fuel-gas) hose and "black" for the inert and air hoses.
  • Oil in any form shall be kept away from sources of oxygen.
  • Cable connectors must be adequately insulated.
  • Grounding of the machine frame and safety ground connections of portable machines should be checked periodically.
  • The cylinder gas valve should be closed and the gas released before a regulator is removed.
  • Signs should be posted that read "DANGER, No Smoking, Matches or Open Lights" or the equivalent.
  • Operations performed outside the shop shall be conducted only after an inspection and an approval by the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) manager. After the EHS manager has determined that the area is safe to weld, a welding permit shall be issued for that location, valid only for that day.