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The policies, procedures, and approval process governing capital projects and purchases. 


Capital items include expenditures for new construction, building renovations and additions, scientific, office and plant equipment, and technology-related items that will benefit your department for at least three years. This policy applies to all projects or purchases with a total cost of $5,000 or more, including an aggregate purchase for multiple capital items that individually are less than $5,000.

All capital projects and purchases must be documented on an online Capital Project/Purchase Authorization Form (login required). Completion of the form ensures that funding sources are identified and charged in advance for all capital items. This will enable the Business Services Office to monitor expenditures for compliance with the approved budget for the project or expenditure.

Procedures for Project Originator

  1. Open online form (see NOTE 1 below) and complete the required information. Click "Submit" button. Any detailed documentation supporting the cost of the project (quotes, budgets) may be forwarded via campus mail to the Controller, or by attaching the information to an email to the Controller, with a copy to the Assistant Controller.
  2. When confirmation email arrives from "Capital" (see NOTE 2 below), click on the provided link to access the project. Review/Edit and then submit the project for approval by typing email address of the person who will approve your project and clicking the "Submit for Approval" button.

    NOTE FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS USERS: Academic Affairs capital projects require the approval of Assistant Dean for Academic Administration and the Vice President for Academic Affairs, therefore department heads must route projects to Assistant Dean for Academic Administration.

  3. If your project is disapproved, you will receive an email with the reason for disapproval. Open the link, make the necessary changes and click the "Submit for Approval" button. This will direct the form back to the person who disapproved the project.

Procedures for Project Approvers

  1. You will receive an email from "" (see NOTE 2 below) indicating that a capital project needs your approval. Click the link in the message to access the form.
  2. To disapprove the project, click "Disapprove Project." You will be taken to the Disapprovals Page. Select your position from the drop-down menu and describe why you are disapproving the project. Click "Disapprove" and "Unlock Edit Lock." This will send the project form back to the Originator. They will then make the necessary changes and the project will be routed back to you for re-approval.
  3. To approve the project, click "Approve." This will take you to the Approvals Page. Select your position from the drop-down menu and click "Submit."
  4. You will be directed to the Forward to Next Approver Page. Select the next approver from the drop-down menu (this page will also show the approval hierarchy for reference purposes) and click "Submit." The page will be directed to the next approver.

Final Approval

  1. The Controller (for projects under $25,000) or VP for Business and Finance (for projects exceeding $25,000) will forward the fully approved online form to the Assistant Controller.
  2. The Assistant Controller will assign a project number (965XXX or 966XXX) and move the estimated cost from the funding source specified on the capital project form to the assigned project number. An approved form, which includes the assigned project number, will be routed back to the originator.

All expenses related to the project should be charged to this project number, not your funding source. (The project number replaces the fund number--i.e., if your funding source were 10-321000-740100 and the project number were 965100, then all expenses would be charged to 965100-321000-740100).

Notes on Using the Capital Project Application

  • Note 1: The Capital Project application is web tool. All users who access the application to either submit, review, or approve a project must be logged onto a computer that is connected to the Davidson network. If you are not logged onto a computer on the Davidson network, you will receive the message "The page cannot be displayed." This includes users who accesses email through the Outlook Web Mail tool. Outlook Web Mail does not connect you to the Davidson Network. (Netscape users: Netscape users do get a login box. To access, simply follow standard Davidson protocol of userid for "davidson\username" and your Davidson network password.)
  • Note 2: At this time, some capital project emails are going into the Junk folder. To ensure that you receive emails from please: Go to: Outlook -->Tools -->Options --> Preferences -->Junk Email -->Safe Senders -->Add --> -->Apply --> OK
  • Note 3: Review the status of your capital project (login required). (This information is also included on the web page listed above).