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HSIRB Policies and Procedures

Directory of Davidson College policy information for research being conducted with human subjects:

Human Subjects Institutional Review Board (IRB) Policy 

The Davidson College Human Subjects IRB Policy addresses the rights of human subjects, the responsibilities of investigators, research categories, expedited review, and the composition of the IRB. See more details on the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board Policy

Course-Related Research Activities 

Some teaching-related activities are sufficiently research-related that they raise questions for faculty about what does or does not come under the province of the IRB. See more on course-related research activities

Individual Research Projects by Faculty, Students or Staff

All faculty, student, and/or staff research projects involving the use of human subjects must be reviewed by the IRB. See more on individual research projects.

Oral History, Journalism, Case Studies Guidance

Some research involving the collection and use of oral histories or life histories may not meet the federal definition of 'human subjects research' and therefore may not require involvement of the IRB office; other research using the same methods may meet the definition of human subjects research. Likewise, determining whether journalism projects or case studies are subject to oversight by the IRB is not always clear. See the following clarifying guidance on oral history, journalism and case studies.

Informed Consent

Informed consent is a process with the goal of respecting the research subject's dignity. The process does this by attending to the subject's right to deliberate and to make a knowing decision whether to cooperate with the investigator's research interest. See more on informed consent.

Reporting Participant Reimbursement

The purpose of this policy is to enable researchers to protect the identity of research participants but, in the event of an external audit of Business Services, have a provision for providing required documentation. See more on reporting participant reimbursement.