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IRB Membership List

2018-19 Human Subjects IRB Membership List

Note: Please direct all protocol-related questions to the IRB chair or vice chair.

Margaret P. Munger, Ph.D., Psychology (S, FT)

Vice Chair
Sharon Byrd, M.S.L.S. , Library (N, FT)

Committee Members

Kim Bako '19 - Student

Cara Evanson, M.L.S., Library (N, FT)

Jaya Jha, Ph.D., Economics (N, FT)

Jenny Langford, DVM, (S, C)

Kylie Leung '19 - Student

Jackson Miller '20 (JYA) - Student

Rich Neidinger, Ph.D., Mathematics and Computer Science (S, FT)

Tiffany Onia '20 (JYA) - Student

Julio Ramirez, Ph.D., Psychology (S, FT)

Jack Robinson '20 - Student

Marc Todd '20 (JYA) - Student

Alto Tutar '20 - Student

Alice Wiemers, Ph.D., History (N, FT)

Mary Muchane, Ph.D., Director, Grants & Contracts (Ex-Officio, Non-Voting, Advisory)

FT=Full-time employee

*At least one "non-scientific" member must be present at any committee meeting when a protocol is being reviewed.