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Drug Free Workplace

Davidson College is committed to providing its employees with a safe work place while promoting programs that encourage high standards of employee health.

Prohibited Acts

The college prohibits the manufacture, distribution, sale, dispensation, possession or use of illegal drugs on college property or while conducting college business away from the campus. The college also prohibits the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of alcohol on college premises or as a part of any of the college's activities.

Employees and members of the Davidson community are expected and required to report for work on time and in appropriate mental and physical condition to carry out their assigned duties. Any impairment due to alcohol or drug use, however slight, is unacceptable.

Employees should also report to the supervisor any medically prescribed treatment involving prescription drugs that may affect their ability to perform on the job.

Any conviction, guilty plea or plea of "no contest" involving the illegal manufacture, distribution, dispensation, sale or use of alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances should be reported to the supervisor. A conviction includes any finding of guilt and/or any imposition of a fine, jail sentence, probation or other penalty.

Drug Testing

The college reserves the right to require a drug or alcohol test in the event of damage to a college property or an on-the-job injury. If such test indicates a positive result, the employee will be discharged. Moreover, if an employee is found to have been under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at the time of a reportable Workers' Compensation injury, the college will notify the appropriate insurance carrier of the results of the drug and/or alcohol test, and the benefits, if any, to the injured employee may be affected. The employee, at his or her own expense, may request a retest of such sample within 48 hours of being advised of the positive test result.


Employees or members of the Davidson community who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action commensurate with the nature and severity of the violation. Disciplinary action may include oral warning, written warning, probation, satisfactory participation in a drug or alcohol abuse assistance or rehabilitation program, suspension without pay, termination and/or referral for prosecution.

Employee Assistance

Employees are encouraged to admit and seek assistance for any existing or potential drug or alcohol dependency problem. Furthermore, any employee may request a meeting with the Director or Associate Director of Human Resources regarding such concerns. Available health plan coverage and area resources will be communicated. For information about assistance available to employees of the college, contact the Human Resources Office (x2212).


Employees on federally supported grant programs, must, as a condition of their employment, abide by terms of this policy and must report to the Human Resources Office or the Vice President for Academic Affairs any convictions under a criminal drug statute for violations occurring on college property or while conducting college business off-campus within five (5) days of said conviction. The college must then notify the federal granting office within ten (10) days after receiving notification of the conviction. The college must take appropriate personnel action within 30 days of notification of conviction.