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Investment Office

p: 704-894-2333

f: 704-894-2560

Mailing Address

Box 7165
Davidson, NC 28035

Shipping Address

209 Ridge Road
Davidson, NC 28035

Investment Office

Our endowment consists of long-term oriented, investment assets that are the result of historical gifts as well as investment gains. It provides perpetual support for our operating budget.

The financial objective of our endowment is to preserve and enhance the real (i.e. inflation adjusted) purchasing power, while providing support for spending needs. The long-term investment objective is to attain a real return (net of inflation and fees) of at least five percent.

A diversified portfolio of investment assets is developed to satisfy our long-term investment objective at an appropriate level of risk and liquidity.

Our Staff

Raymond A. Jacobson, CFA
Chief Investment Officer

David D. Demeter, CFA
Investment Director

Christopher J. Barrera, CFA
Investment Operations Manager

Please note that we do not use a consultant for investment manager selections. Those managers seeking consideration may email our chief investment officer.

Directions to the Investment Office