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Getting Started

New Staff
Your supervisor arranges for your email account if your position requires the use of email. You will receive your account information (username, password, policies, and agreements) in the form of a confidential packet, for your eyes only.

Existing Staff  

If your supervisor determines that your position requires the use of email after your start date, your supervisor may email a request to the Help Desk.

Accessing your Email
On campus: All faculty and most staff are provided with networked computers in their offices; this is the primary location from which you will access email. Off-campus: You can access your Davidson email over the Internet using any current web browser and Outlook Web Access.

Desktop Hardware
All faculty and most staff are provided with a computer in their offices. The campus standard office computer is either a Dell or a Macintosh.  Your department chair or supervisor will determine the proper hardware for your needs.

Desktop Software

ITS develops and publishes software standards. When a software standard exists for an application, it should be used on college computers. A suite of standard software is installed on new Dell and Macintosh computers purchased through ITS.

Most departments have at least one networked laser printer for faculty and staff to use. Some have also purchased single-user printers for individual use.

Network space

Each individual is allotted 100 MB of storage space on the file server (Louise) and storage space on the Exchange (email) server.

Phone & Voice Mail

ITS provides telephone sets in faculty and staff offices, phone number assignments, voice mailboxes, long distance personal identification numbers (PIN), and off-campus calling cards.