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Advice for Students

When you are emailing faculty, staff, or even other students, you should follow some basic guidelines so that your email communication makes a positive impact. We have included some suggestions below

  • Use only your Davidson email account to correspond with your professors-or any employee of the college. A student with an email account like might not realize how unprofessional that looks if she is applying for a Dean Rusk grant!
  • Be courteous and respectful. That's common sense, right? Fill in the subject line, DO NOT SHOUT, and begin your message with a respectful salutation like "Dear Prof. Soandso."
  • Quickly get to the point. Be specific and present what you have to say in a cohesive manner and in good English.
  • At Davidson, you'll get a prompt reply amazingly often, but don't expect it. Always allow at least one business day for a response.
  • Always be the one to conclude the correspondence.