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Car Sharing & Zipcar

Zipcars available for use on the Davidson campusZipcar, the largest car sharing service in the world, is available on Davidson's campus. It is accessible 24/7 to individuals associated with the college—students, faculty, and staff who are at least 18 years of age—and costs $15 to join ($25 annual fee after the first year).

Cars are available starting at $7.50 per hour and $77 per day. Gas, insurance, and up to 180 miles of driving a day are included in Zipcar’s rates.

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Reservations can be made on Zipcar's website and a mobile application is available that enables members to make reservations and lock/unlock the vehicle.

Currently, the Zipcar vehicle on campus is a Ford Focus Sedan Javon. It is located in the Alvarez College Union parking lot.

For more information about Zipcar, to join, or rent a car, please visit the Davidson College Zipcar website.

Please note: Zipcars are rented online or through the Zipcar mobile app after joining the program and receiving your Zipcard by mail. Motor Pool Services does not rent out Zipcars or provide assistance. Please visit the Davidson College Zipcar website for details about the program or for assistance.