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Academic Advising

Please use these helpful resources to assist you with selecting the classes you would like to take your first semester.

It's helpful to understand the big picture as you start to plan. All students enter Davidson as undecided students and have until the end of their sophomore year to declare a major. This, along with the college's Ways of Knowing requirements (general education), allows students to explore courses in a variety of subject areas and helps them decide on or confirm an area in which to concentrate and explore fully as a major.

The resources included in this section outline the requirements and include the tools necessary to start the registration process. Please read them carefully as they will assist you with this process. It is easy to feel overwhelmed as you start, but know the choices you make during this process are not permanent and may be adjusted in August. In fact, during New Student Orientation you will meet with your pre-major adviser to review your initial schedule and make any necessary changes. Your adviser will also review the graduation and distribution requirements and answer any questions you may have.

Tips for Getting Started

A few tips to help you get started:

  • The required course load is four courses.
  • All first-year students must take a Writing 101 course, which may be taken in either the fall or spring semester (or start the Humanities sequence, which must be started in the fall with HUM 103).
  • Non-credit applied music, military science, and physical education courses should not be included on your WebTree and do not count as one of your four courses. Registration for these courses will take place during the first week of classes.
  • Students enrolling in the full-year HUM 103-104 sequence normally take only two other courses in the fall semester and three other courses in the spring semester.