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Recommended Systems

We recommend Dell and Apple computers. Below is the current list of recommended systems.

Macintosh - Standard Laptops

The MacBook Pro (15" and 13") is suitable for users desiring a combination of mobility and power. It is adaptable to most major computing tasks, from day-to-day office activities to moderately heavy image, audio or video editing, programming, mathematical computation, etc.

Macintosh - Standard Desktops

The Apple iMac is suitable for users whose daily activities consist primarily of using any of Office programs, sending/receiving e-mail, calendaring, use of the Internet for Web surfing and the like. For power users, the Mac Pro is an additional option.

Windows - Laptops

The two suggested Dell laptops are good options for portable and office computing.

Windows - Standard Desktops

Dell desktop computer offer premier performance, flexibility, and connectivity.