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Language Resource Center Policies for Students

LRC Policies for Students

This computing facility primarily serves the foreign language students and faculty at Davidson College. When not in use for foreign language classes or other foreign language work, it may also be used for general purpose computing.

  1. It is not allowed to consume foods or beverages near the computers. Use the island in the middle of the room.
  2. It is against the Code of Responsibility to install or remove software or to modify system software in any way without the authorization of the Director of the Language Resource Center. Lab users should not open or access the System Folder. If you have a problem with the computer, the scanner, or the printer, notify the LRC attendants.
  3. The LRC is not a printing facility. Use of the printer is limited to 10 pages maximum per user per day. In case of a problem with the printer, contact the lab attendant. If a print job fails, do not send the same job again but wait for the problem to be resolved.
  4. Students are not authorized to use the instructor workstation, VCR, projector, and associated equipment without permission.
  5. Personal files should be stored on students' personal network folders (in Users on Louise), accessible through the Personal button, or on external disks such as CDs or USB drives (floppy drives are available on some computers: look for the label). Files stored in the Temporary storage folder will be deleted upon logoff. Users are responsible for backing up their personal files and logging off after completing their work.