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Purchasing Policy

The computer and printer replacement program is a collaborative process between Technology & Innovation (T&I) and individuals or designated department representatives. The goals of the program are:

  • Assure that all faculty and staff members that use computing resources have a computer of sufficient capabilities to fulfill responsibilities.
  • Assure that appropriate computing resources are available in shared computing facilities (classrooms, labs, etc.).

When equipment is eligible for replacement, T&I will contact the individual to discuss and make arrangements for computer replacements. Individuals will be able to choose from the recommended configuration available or describe a special need.

The standard replacement cycles for most systems are:

  • Desktop computers - four years
  • Laptop - three years or four years
  • Networked printers - six years

New computing needs may arise for a computer or printer (an additional staff member, replacing equipment before its standard replacement cycle, or changing from previous model). These special needs must be identified and funded during the annual budget approval process or approved by a Vice President.

Out with the Old, in with the New: When a new computer or printer is delivered, the old one will be collected. If you have a departmental need for the older equipment, please discuss the need during the initial conversation with T&I (see Tier II below). With the exception of new needs, one old computer must be returned to T&I for every new computer delivered.

Tier II: Computers and printers are valuable college resources. Older equipment serves a useful purpose for second tier functions, such as student or part-time workers. If you have a departmental need for older equipment, please discuss the need with T&I.