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Guest Access to Internet

Davidson College provides unencrypted wireless access to the Internet for use by visitors and guests of the college and participants in non-academic college events and programs. Use of this network is provided "as is." In other words, we do not provide support or assistance in connecting to this service. We reserve the right to discontinue anyone's access to this network for any reason and at any time, at the discretion of the college's Chief Information Officer or the Technology & Innovation department.

Getting Started

  1. Choose DavidsonGuest in your device's list of wireless networks.
  2. Once connected to DavidsonGuest, open a web browser and attempt to access the Internet. You will be taken to the Davidson College Welcome login page.
  3. Provide your email address and agree to our terms and conditions.

How long can I use DavidsonGuest?

During the academic year, access lasts for one hour. During the summer, access lasts for 8 hours. After your time is up, you can re-enter your email address and reconnect for an additional block of time.

If you close the lid of your laptop, suspend or hibernate your computer, place your smartphone in standby mode, or move across campus, you may have to log on again.

What can I do from DavidsonGuest?

You should be able to use common Internet resources, encrypted and unencrypted, and connect to a variety of business and entertainment destinations. For connectivity back to your place of business, we have tested Cisco IPSEC and Cisco AnyConnect VPN solutions; Microsoft and Citrix remote desktop connection; Google and Windows Live email platforms; and Microsoft's Outlook Anywhere and ActiveSync services. Any services outside this list have not been tested.

What can't I do from DavidsonGuest?

The guest network is a shared resource and we do not set aside bandwidth for our guests to view streaming entertainment feeds such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. If DavidsonGuest usage is heavy, your experience using these sites may be less than ideal.

Outbound connections on port 25 are blocked, which could interfere with sending email if your service provider uses older styles of connection. No name is registered for reverse DNS, which may interfere with some VPN applications.

What kinds of devices will work?

No devices are specifically blocked from using DavidsonGuest. Most computers running MacOS and Windows OS, tablets and smartphones using iOS and AndroidOS as well as Windows smartphones are compatible with this network. However, Davidson College does not guarantee your specific device(s) will work on DavidsonGuest.

What else should I know?

Please be aware that other guests on this network may not be running the latest operating system patches, anti-virus software, and other protections again typical computer maladies. Davidson College is not responsible if you acquire a virus, malware, or if your system becomes compromised by another user of the network.