• Postdoctoral University of Georgia (Entomology)
  • Ph.D. University of Michigan (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
  • B.S. Muhlenberg College (Biology and Environmental Science)

Areas of Expertise

  • Community Ecology
  • Microbe-Plant-Insect Interactions
  • Chemical Ecology
  • Agroecology


I am a community ecologist interested in understanding the drivers of multitrophic interactions among microbes, plants, and insects.

My doctoral research at the University of Michigan investigated how soil microbes below ground mediate interactions among plants, insects, and their predators above ground. My postdoctoral research at the University of Georgia applied this research to evaluate how organic farmers can manage their soils to promote natural pest control.

At these universities I also taught courses in Entomology, Agroecology, Ecology, and Introductory Biology.

At Davidson College, I am teaching Biostatistics for Life Sciences, Integrated Concepts in Biology II, and Ecology. In my courses, I provide a welcoming, inclusive environment in which students think critically across disciplines and engage firsthand in the process of science.