• Ph.D., M.A. Brown University
  • B.A. Emory University

Areas of Expertise

  • Latin America
  • Slavery
  • The Pacific World
  • Asian America
  • Game Studies


My research and teaching investigate the deep, lasting connections between the Asia-Pacific and Latin America over time. I specialize in the colonial period and, in particular, how ships crossing the Pacific significantly altered the demographics and local cultures of Central Mexico, as well as other Spanish American societies. As such, I privilege analyses of racial formation, of histories of enslavement, and of spiritual convergence. How did enslaved Asians adapt to the dynamic spiritual worlds of enslaved Africans in Mexico? How did Chinese merchants and laborers contest Spanish policies of ethnic quartering, exclusion, and deportation in Manila? These and other questions of integration and assimilation (or lack thereof) guide my academic work.