• M.S., B.S. University of North Carolina, Charlotte (Biology)


I have been teaching non-science majors at Davidson for more than 20 years and I am passionate about providing students the opportunity to develop an appreciation and understanding of how biological issues relate to their lives. My current courses focus on human biology, microbiology, and infectious disease. The goal of each course is to allow students to build a foundation of knowledge that will assist them in making informed and intelligent decisions concerning various biological issues they may face in the future. 

My students gain an understanding of biological principles as well as critical thinking skills for applying and analyzing these principles in real-life situations. In addition, they learn of the interdisciplinary nature of science by examining biological and public health issues in the context of politics, economics, environmental factors, and cultural influences. I strongly believe in science education for everyone and therefore strive to create a learning environment that makes information accessible and relevant to all students. 


BIO 103 Microbes and Human Disease
BIO 106 Microbes and Our Health (and lab)
BIO 108 Human Biology (and lab)