• Postdoctoral, Washington University
  • Postdoctoral, Macalester College
  • Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University
  • B.S. Davidson College

Areas of Expertise

  • Introductory Biology
  • Biology for Non-Majors
  • Writing in Science


I have published education research showing that our approach to introductory biology is more effective than the traditional approach. I have written three textbooks and two laboratory manuals that accompany the two introductory biology courses (majors and non-majors). 

My students have conducted synthetic biology research where they designed and built biological machines. Some of these 200+ students have pursued research or medical career paths, and others have pursued a wide variety of different jobs. 


  • BIO 105 Biology for Life (with lab non-STEM majors)
  • BIO 113 Integrating Concepts in Biology (with lab)
  • WRI 101 Fake News, Real Science first year writing course
  • BIO 370-373 Independent Study
STEM Education in the United States

What is the most effective way for students to learn in STEM fields? Malcolm Campbell, who co-authored a recent e-textbook that has received high praise from educators and scientists, says students who learn through active engagement in the classroom will be the most successful at retaining the information.