A Typical Day at the Library

I support and develop everything related to the Stories Yet to be Told initiative, from projects to publicity. This requires helping create sites of virtual engagement to uncover what conventional narratives occlude, see connections among phenomena thought to be unrelated, and listen and tell stories that arise out of our campus and point us toward a shared future. I manage support for curricular projects, coordinate digitization of materials for campus initiatives, and offer instruction in digital humanities tools for students and faculty. I also collaborate with archivists, instructional designers, curators, faculty, and other academic partners on the design and support of digital projects and outreach programming related to the grant.

Areas of Interest

  • Project Management
  • Poetry & (Black) Literature
  • Community Organizing
  • Web Developing & the Digital Humanities
  • Origami & other crafts


  • B.A. Davidson College (English, Africana Studies)