• Ph.D. Duke University (Botany)
  • M.S. Bucknell University (Biology)
  • M.L.S. SUNY at Albany (Library)
  • B.A. SUNY at Plattsburgh (Biology)


  • Microbiome effects on human health and agriculture
  • Demography and ecological genetics of seed banks in a white campion (Silene alba) metapopulation
    • Seed bank density and genetic composition
    • Effects of seed banks on metapopulation dynamics
    • Evolutionary implications of dormant seed banks


Introductory biology, biostatistics and experimental design, dendrology (taxonomy of woody plants), botany, and environmental science. All courses require independent library and/or laboratory/field projects and are writing intensive.

  • BIO 114 Integrated Concepts in Biology II (with lab)
  • BIO 216 Plants, Farms, & Forests (with lab)
  • BIO 240 Biostats for Life Scientists
  • BIO 257 Dendrology