Professor Pat Peroni passed away on December 24, 2019. Pat inspired countless students with her enthusiastic love of the natural world, exemplified by her fascinating and fun class treks into the wilderness. You can read Pat’s obituary on Inside Davidson.


  • Ph.D. Duke University (Botany)
  • M.S. Bucknell University (Biology)
  • M.L.S. SUNY at Albany (Library)
  • B.A. SUNY at Plattsburgh (Biology)


  • Microbiome effects on human health and agriculture
  • Demography and ecological genetics of seed banks in a white campion (Silene alba) metapopulation
    • Seed bank density and genetic composition
    • Effects of seed banks on metapopulation dynamics
    • Evolutionary implications of dormant seed banks


Introductory biology, biostatistics and experimental design, dendrology (taxonomy of woody plants), botany, and environmental science. All courses require independent library and/or laboratory/field projects and are writing intensive.

  • BIO 114 Integrated Concepts in Biology II (with lab)
  • BIO 216 Plants, Farms, & Forests (with lab)
  • BIO 240 Biostats for Life Scientists
  • BIO 257 Dendrology