• Ph.D. North Carolina State University
  • M.A.I.S. University of Washington (Seattle)
  • B.A. Brigham Young University

Areas of Expertise

  • High Impact Educational Practices
  • Student Leadership Development
  • Immigration Regulations
  • Cultural Dimensions


I’ve been at Davidson College since January 2019 and I’ve been working in international education for the past 20 years. Like our international students, I experienced the opportunities and challenges of living in another country as a college student. The experience had such an impact on me that it affected my entire academic and career trajectory. My academic and professional background has focused on the study of history, culture, languages, and higher education research and policy analysis.

At Davidson College, I am focused on supporting the needs of our international students during these challenging times. That support includes helping international students access the many experiential, academic, and leadership opportunities offered during and after their time at Davidson College. My goal is to support international students as they develop as burgeoning scholars and leaders and to help the entire student population develop the skills and attitudes needed to collaboratively address our world’s most pressing issues.