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2017 Participant Bios

Hannah Aronson ‘20

Hannah is a rising sophomore from the D.C. area. She is undecided on her major, but is interested in pursuing Sociology with a possible minor in Economics. In middle school and high school, Hannah volunteered with her Girl Scout troop to lead the annual "Science Day" at an inner city elementary school. This summer, she will be working in the service of McClintock Partners in Education at their STEM and literacy-based camps. Hannah currently works at the Ada Jenkins Free Health Clinic as the assistant to the community nurses and is passionate about accessibility to health and education services. This past spring, she tutored an English-language learner at Davidson Elementary as a part of her Bilingualism, Literacy, and Schooling course. On campus, Hannah is also a trip leader for Davidson Outdoors, will be a resident advisor in the fall, and is involved in the Student Initiative for Academic Diversity (SIAD).

Mariah Clarke ‘18

Mariah is a rising senior from Charlotte, N.C., majoring in economics. Education has always been very important to Mariah as it is something that she consistently had to fight for. She will never forget her high school years of worrying whether or not she would be able to remain in school but Mariah is grateful for the experiences she had that aided in her development of forming her own value of education. Mariah is interested in learning about educational policy because it is something that has been a significant player in the disparities of her and her siblings' education. At Davidson, Mariah is involved in the Black Student Coalition, Quips & Cranks Yearbook, and the Theatre Department. This summer, she will be working as a research intern at Teach for America under the guidance of Carey Leigh Evans.

Meredith Foulke ‘18

Meredith Foulke is a rising senior from Emory, Va. Having grown up in a family with four generations of teachers, she believes strongly in the importance of accessible, quality education and hopes to spend her career providing just that for her students. At Davidson, she volunteers as a teacher's assistant at Ada Jenkins LearnWorks in addition to her involvement with Davidson Perspectives and the literary magazine Exit 30. Within her English major, she focuses on creative writing and literature as a means of identity construction, especially for often-marginalized identities. She hopes to bring this focus, in combination with all she's learned from a year abroad studying Spanish, literature, and social justice, to her work with Allenbrook Elementary this summer.

Bryce Perry-Martin '20

Bryce is a rising sophomore from Spring Lake, N.C. Bryce's academic, athletic and work experiences are factors that contributed to his passion for mentoring youth through education and sports. As a Bonner Scholar, Bryce spent his first year as a teacher assistant at Davidson Elementary. From his involvement in working as a tutor and serving as an official mentor appointee to lower classmen in high school, Bryce gained firsthand knowledge of the struggles, needs and concerns that students encounter. Bryce pursued the opportunity to participate in the Education Scholars program to obtain insight and knowledge needed to learn how to assist students. He will be interning with Charlotte-Mecklenburg's Project LIFT over the summer to study means of improving graduation rates and community outreach in West Charlotte. 

Rebecca Moody ‘19

Rebecca is a rising junior from Atlanta, Ga. She a sociology major and an economics minor because she seeks to understand the economic and social causes and consequences of poverty. She believes the current educational system is the foundation of inequality and hopes her participation in the Education Scholars program will allow her to gain insight into how to revolutionize the system. During the school year, she writes and edits Half the Time, a bimonthly newsletter that raises awareness of women's oppression globally. She also interns with The Peninsula Community Foundation, teaches Spanish to elementary school students, and serves on the Dinner at Davidson and Half the Sky executive board. This summer, she will be working with Project Scientist, an organization that engages and empowers girls with a passion, talent and aptitude for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). 

Uyen Nguyen ‘20

Uyen Nguyen is an Africana Studies major and economics minor. This summer, Uyen is interning at International House as a project manager for the Rising Readers Program, a six-week summer literacy program for CMS students in grades K-3. This program is designed to help English Learner (ELLs) maintain and improve their reading, writing and speaking skills over the summer break. As a former ESL student, this opportunity allows Uyen to help those who share the same educational experience as her. Uyen's goal for this summer is to learn the operation of a non-profit and how to manage and direct a program. 

Uyen believes that, "Without an education, I would not have an opportunity to pursue my dream and therefore, everyone should have an equal opportunity to achieve their dreams". For ESL students, due to their language barriers, they have to work harder than other students to be successful. Therefore, they need resources like Rising Readers Program to help them navigate through their educational experience. As a project manager of Rising Readers, Uyen's goal is to maintain a program where ELLs students have the best resources and help to improve their English skills. 

Carlos Miranda Pereyra ‘18

Carlos Miranda Pereyra is a rising senior anthropology major from the small town of Batesburg-Leesville, S.C. He first gained an interest in education equity after seeing the disparity of access in his own public education system - in the low-income neighborhood that he grew up in, Carlos was the only one of the kids his age to go to college. This interest in education became a deeper passion after interning at the International House of Metrolina in Charlotte, during the summer after Carlos's first year at Davidson where he got the chance to meet and work with ESL students, like himself, whose parents did not all speak English fluently, and, as a result were at a disadvantage compared to their non-ESL peers. At Davidson, Carlos is a member of the Student Initiative for Academic Diversity (SIAD), a task force that advocates for pedagogical inclusivity for Davidson professors. He also took part in a transportation project task force composed of faculty, staff and students that sought to address the inequity in access to viable transportation for Davidson students and how the disparity in access to transportation affects their everyday life, internship opportunities, and civic engagement options. This summer, Carlos is excited to be interning at the Levine Museum of the New South, an innovative museum in Charlotte, that focuses on the South's history after the Civil War and its ever-changing environment and social dynamics.

Robi Roberts ‘20

Robi is a rising sophomore from Atlanta, Ga. She is interested in pursuing a major in economics with a minor in educational studies. Robi is very passionate about educational equality and urban educational issues as she attended a very unequal high school in the heart of Atlanta. She is a member of the Black Student Coalition and a writer for Her campus. Last summer, she taught middle schoolers in New York City and this past year she tutored ESL students at Cornelius Elementary School. Robi hopes to go into educational policy and urban policy work after she graduates. This summer, she will be working at UNC Charlotte's Urban Institute as a research assistant where she will able to learn more about urban and educational issues and research.