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Ministry Fellowships

Fellowships to explore religious leadership in any tradition are available to students with a strong record of academic achievement, campus leadership, and concern for others.

Juniors are nominated by faculty, staff, and area clergy. Nominees may or may not be considering a religious occupation (as a clergyperson or professional lay leader), but community members perceive them as having gifts for such service. They submit formal applications to the College Chaplain.

Fellows take part in a supervised, congregation-based summer internship after their junior year. During the fall semester of their senior year, they participate as a cohort in vocational discernment guided by the college chaplain.

Duration: 8 weeks (summer dates are flexible).
Provisions: $4,000 for the summer, plus funds for vocational exploration during senior year.
Applications: Nominated students are notified by the College Chaplain and may submit an application towards the beginning of the spring semester of their junior year.