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Summer Internships

Hannah Sikes ’16

The 10-week Stapleton/Davidson Urban Service Internship engages a group of four students in full-time community service among the urban poor in Charlotte over the summer break.

Interns serve in organizations such as the Urban Ministry Center, which provides meals and services for the homeless, Dove's Nest, which helps women dealing with substance abuse and addiction, and Crisis Assistance Ministry, which provides help for people in financial crisis.

In addition to their hands-on work in Charlotte, interns meet weekly with the college chaplain and local religious leaders to reflect on issues of social justice, scripture, spirituality and the role of the church in responding to the challenges and nurturing the gifts of people living in urban poverty.

Duration: 10 weeks, May 28 - Aug. 2, 2019
Provisions: Interns receive $3,500, plus housing
Application: Apply online (login required)
Application Deadline: 5 p.m. on Feb. 1, 2019

Past Participants

"I was placed in the very heart of homelessness, heartache, and hopelessness, working with men who have been drug dealers, or addicts, or have just gotten out of prison. As I got to know them, I felt an incredibly strong connection, becoming good friends with an ex-gang-member, a mentally handicapped individual (who made my day every day), and a man who had spiraled heavily into depression. I felt my whole outlook on myself and my life begin to change." - 2011 intern

"This experience was one of extremes. I constantly bounced from the brokenness and darkness I saw in Charlotte to the heights of joy and peace in experiencing God's open arms and radical love.  This summer pushed me to dig deeper than I ever have before - not into my own strength and fortitude, but into reliance upon and trust in a God who never left." - 2014 intern

"I am grateful for this summer and all of the richness of Kingdom glimpses that it offered.  May God continue to work through each of our lives that we may fight to be present and acknowledge our one true prayer: "thy kingdom come, thy will be done," on our streets as it is in heaven." - 2014 intern

"I began this summer with a lot of fear. I ignorantly viewed homeless people as one vast group: the homeless. Squishing them all into a cookie cutter category, labeling them until all other identity has been stripped away, I believed the stereotypes. The truth is, those "homeless people" became individuals that I cared more about than some people I've been friends with for years. I was immersed in the raw power of life. ... Any sort of shelter I was under when it was raining, and lying in bed at night, I couldn't shake the feeling of excess privilege. I was constantly amazed by the smiles on neighbors' faces, and the kind words I received daily from those who had absolutely nothing else to lose. It was an honor and a blessing to spend my summer surrounded by the strongest people I've ever met." - 2015 intern