Davidson College - Davidson, NC

  • Renier Brentjens '89

    Game Changer
    Renier Brentjens '89

    "In all fields, Davidson people are challenging the norm and making incredible strides. We need leaders capable of taking big steps forward to change the game."

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  • Phiderika Foust '94

    Game Changer
    Phiderika Foust '94

    "Davidson creates sharp leaders with rounded edges — people with the confidence to make bold decisions, who understand how what we do impacts others."

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  • Zama Coursen-Neff '93

    Game Changer
    Zama Coursen-Neff '93

    "I'm interested in how the law makes an impact. It's about what happens in real life, with real people."

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  • Tom Marshburn '82

    Game Changer
    Tom Marshburn '82

    "Space flight requires many people with great ideas. A liberal arts education helps us relate beyond the usual technical discourse and function as a team."

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  • Alexandra McArthur '09

    Game Changer
    Alexandra McArthur '09

    "People who bring new ideas and make existing systems more equitable, who elevate the conversation, who do good — those people inspire me."

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  • Clint Smith '10

    Game Changer
    Clint Smith '10

    "Davidson has an entrepreneurial spirit. Students are encouraged to fill the voids they see in their communities, in institutions and in the world."

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  • Jane Campbell '87

    Game Changer
    Jane Campbell '87

    "To change the game, sometimes you need a home run. Other times, you have to bunt. Either way, you must be suited to the game you’re playing."

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  • Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa '03

    Game Changer
    Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa '03

    "Whether you’re in the United States or East Africa, people have needs. Wherever you end up, you have the opportunity to make a difference."

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  • Lowell Bryan '68

    Game Changer
    Lowell Bryan '68

    "My whole career has been built on continuous learning — developing multiple specialties, moving from one to the next, staying on the cutting edge."

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  • Game Changers

    Game Changers Campaign Logo: Inspiring Leaders to Change the World

    Inspiring Leaders to Transform the World

    Davidson's $425-million comprehensive campaign focuses on the college's highest aspirations and aims to raise support for scholarships, enrichment of the academic and athletic experience and programs to help students lead and innovate in an evolving world.

  • Academic Neighborhood

    Academic Neighborhood

    A New Model for Liberal Arts Education in the 21st Century

    Davidson is undertaking a comprehensive construction/renovation plan for six academic buildings, and continuing with new opportunities for curricular expansion. The 10-year plan will restructure the main academic portion of campus to create learning spaces that foster new methods of interdisciplinary learning. The six buildings will be  expanded, renovated or constructed over the next decade to create a "neighborhood" with flexible learning spaces and common areas.

  • Internship Challenge

    Davidson College Intership Challenge

    Find, Form, and Fund Internships for Students

    Internships provide valuable and professional experiences for our students. Alumni, parents, families and friends of Davidson College are encouraged to support the Davidson Internship Challenge by connecting students to open internships, forming an internship specifically for a Davidson student, or by making a gift to fund an internship opportunity.

  • Impact Fellows

    Davidson College Impact Fellows

    Nonprofit Fellowships Offer High-Level Exposure

    Davidson Impact Fellows gain hands-on experience with nonprofit organizations on critical social issues such as health, education and the environment. Fellows are supervised by high-level leaders and contribute to the efforts of the organizations in powerful and meaningful ways. The fellowship applicants complete a thorough screening process to ensure the best possible match for each open position.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Davidson College Entrepreneurship Initiative

    Campus-Wide Entrepreneurship Initiative Fosters Innovative Ideas

    The entrepreneurship initiative creates a community of entrepreneurs committed to finding innovative solutions to challenging problems. Davidson supports young alumni and students with resources and structure to launch sustainable ventures. With a collective ownership from stakeholders on and off campus, young entrepreneurs explore social innovation, immerse themselves in the Venture Lab and intern at start-up companies around the world.

  • Davidson Journal

    Davidson Journal Cover Summer 2014

    The Magazine of Davidson College

    The online version of Davidson College's magazine features all of the content of the print issue, including multimedia Web exclusives. Read more about the creative work and original research of faculty and students, as well as college initiatives and priorities. Find out about Davidson alumni who are exerting a disproportionate impact for good in the world.