Shireen Campbell


Ph.D. Tulane University
B.A. Florida Atlantic University


I teach a variety of literature courses, with special interest in young adult fiction, multicultural children's literature, and contemporary women writers, as well as several writing courses, including creative nonfiction, memoir, professional writing, and writing with the community.

I co-direct the college Writing Center and have research interests in writing center theory and practice, second language writing, digital writing, and information fluency.

My recent publications include an article co-authored with Davidson's Head Librarian Gillian Gremmels, "Just-in-time Instruction, Regular Reflection, and Integrated Assessment: A Sustainable Model for Student Growth;" a co-authored guide to web-based research, What Every Student Needs to Know about Researching Online; and an essay, "Self Study," appearing in Topograph: New Writings from the Carolinas and Beyond (2010).


  • ENG 201 Writing with the Community
  • ENG 201 Professional Writing
  • ENG 220 Literary Analysis
  • ENG 231 Young Adult Literature
  • ENG 301 Creative Nonfiction
  • WRI 101 Revisiting the Library
  • Seminars on memoir, Virginia Woolf, and multicultural children's literature